Challenges of Lagosians within Ikotun, Igando area of Lagos

Lagos is Nigeria’s economic hub and this is most evident in the number of people who reside in this state which is actually Nigeria’s smallest, judging by land mass.

People of different classes live in Lagos, many move to this city to get better opportunities of livelihood. However, what is imagined by many people, is not what is truly obtainable.

For some, living in Lagos is hell, the areas where they live, tend to be worse than certain places even in the villages.

The living condition is totally demeaning and it seem to a great extent, that the government do not even know if such places exist within the metropolis.

The residents of Ikotun and Igando have a very bitter tale regarding their places of residence.

Below are some photos that show the hardship which some Lagosians who live these two areas experience.

pix (1)


pix (2)


pix (3)


pix (4)


pix (10)



pix (9)


pix (8)



pix (7)



pix (6)


pix (5)

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has started well, carrying out different constructions and reconstructions within Lagos. However, he is urged to look deeper into the lost and forgotten area of this state which is unarguably, Nigeria’s pride.

“It is the continuous existence of places like these which cause the world to look down on us,” says a resident. There is need for the government to act quickly, the time to cause the change is now


Source NAIJ


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