SSS arrests 10 major Boko Haram leaders in Lagos, Enugu

Boko Haram new

The State Security Service, SSS, has stated that it arrested over a dozen Boko Haram leaders in the past two months including nine in Lagos and one in Enugu State.

The SSS, also known as DSS, said this in a statement by its spokesperson, Tony Opuiyo, on Sunday.

Mr. Opuiyo said “the sudden influx of Boko Haram members into Lagos State points to the determination of the sect to extend its nefarious terrorist activities to the State and in fact, other parts of the country.”

The Boko Haram, whose terrorist activities has caused the death of about 20,000 people, has only carried out attacks in Northern Nigeria, particularly in the north-east.

According to the spokesperson, “the arrest of these confessed terrorist elements has however helped in no small measure to avert devastating attacks in the area.”

Read the full SSS statement below


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