I love sex because life begins at 70

Sex-starved septuagenarian, Mr Yemi Taiwo, on Thursday told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that his wife was the cause of his infidelity.

My wife refuses me sex, she always tells me that she is too old for sex. So I do not have any option than to bring other women into our matrimonial home.

Anytime she sees me with a woman in my room, she will be fighting me and I love sex because life begins at 70,” he told the court.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Taiwo’s wife, 60-year-old Mary, a trader, had filed the suit seeking the dissolution of the 40-year-old marriage on grounds of infidelity.

The septuagenarian, however, consented to the dissolution of the union, saying “I am also fed up.”

In her defence, Mary accused her husband of bringing women to their matrimonial bed at night.

My husband always maltreats me in the presence of his concubines, he does not respect me, and he brings them to the house at night.

If I try to talk to him whenever he is with a woman, he will beat me. There was a day he beat me and I spent three days in the hospital.

When I reported him to his family, he told them that he could not change his lifestyle as he could not do without sex.”

The mother of four urged the court to dissolve the marriage as she could no longer cope with him.

I do not love him any longer.’’

The court’s President, Mr Hakeem Oyekan, admonished the couple to allow peace and harmony to reign in the family.

Further hearing in the case has been fixed for Sept. 16.



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