Gogowe set to drop I No Send

The Nigerian music scene is about to witness a fresh tune as fast-rising singer, Ugochukwu Uche Anya, aka Gogowe drops her latest effort I no send.

According to the songstress, the banging track is an Afrobeat inspired song that talks about being oneself and not focusing on the opinions of other people. The video which is filled with energetic dance moves was shot in Lagos and directed by Mex, Gogowe revealed.

Gogowe started singing at the age of four when her dad enrolled her and her siblings for piano lessons. Although she was not a fan of piano playing, she says that she ended up loving it. The graduate of Theatre and Film at Emory University Atlanta also revealed that she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Film and Media production at the New York Film Academy.

Gogowe set to drop I No SendTo her credit, she has recorded over fifteen songs and released three videos; Including Waka, Stand Up and her latest I no send.

She describes Waka as a song that empowers women, telling them to have confidence in their God given abilities with their heads held high. Stand Up on the other hand, she says, is a song that preaches unity among all races, faith and cultures. It was shot by video director, Clarence Peters.

Gogowe considers music as one of the greatest educational tools and that is why she makes it a point of duty to ensure that every song she drops contains a positive message for the society.

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