Police Nab Soldier For Armed Robbery

Iyana IpajaPolicemen attached to the Special Anti -Robbery Squad (SARS) Ikeja, are investigating four men over allegation of armed robbery and illegal gun possession.

The suspects include a dismissed soldier who gave his name as William Essien.

It was gathered that the suspects allegedly trailed the victim from Sango-Ogun state to Iyana Ipaja where they allegedly attempted to steal his car but the urchins in the area descended on them and prevented the criminals from snatching the car.

Narrating how they were arrested one of the suspects Ojoo said.

“We were coming from Sango Otta that fateful day. I and my colleagues were in a Nissan Primera. I was the driver. Four of us were on our way to Monday’s office at Ikeja but on our way , a man driving a Toyota Rav 4 bashed our car and destroyed the rear light.

“He drove off and we had to chase him. We chased his car down to iyana ipaja under bridge. This was about 7:30pm and I used our car to block him so as to prevent him from escaping. Monday and the others were wearing their Nigerian legion (ex soldier) uniform.

“Monday came down from the car and he dragged the man out and slapped him. We were dragging the man to our car but at this point, some area boys came to the man’s rescue. They descended on us and held us to the ground.

“The commotion attracted the policemen stationed under the Iyana Ipaja bridge and they came and took us way to a nearby police station. The area boys told the police that we were armed robbers and the officers conducted a search on our vehicle where they found a cut to size locally made gun. That was how we were arrested and transferred to SARS.”

Asked how they came about the gun,Ojoo said .

“It was Monday that asked me to get the gun for him. I bought it from a hunter for N15’000. Monday told me that he wants to use the gun for his job as a security man with the Nigerian Legion”

Speaking on his alleged role, Monday explained that he wanted to use the gun at his security post .

“This is all a misunderstanding. Actually , I was the one who told Ojoo to get the gun for me. We are not armed robbers. That fateful day, the man driving the Toyota Rav 4 hit our car and he drove off as if nothing happened.

“We chased and blocked him to force him to pay for what he did to our car. About the gun, I am a dismissed soldier. I was with the Nigerian Army for five years but I was dismissed because I got someone to impersonate my father and the person signed on the form the Army used to recruit me.

“I did this because my father did not allow me to join the army. It was after five years that the Army Authority discovered that I lied and they dismissed me. I went to join the Nigerian legion as an axillary official and I was posted to guard a company. I got the gun for my work. I wanted to register it but we were arrested and the gun was recovered from my car”

The other suspect Abel said.

“I am the owner of the Nissan car that we grove that day. I am a Man O’ War official. I have known Monday for close to six years. We are security men . We are not armed robbers”

The matter is currently under investigation.

Source: Naij.com


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