Lagos Man Rapes His Daughters, Step Daughter

Police have arrested a Lagos man Ajiboye Oluwaseyi for allegedly raping his two daughters and his step daughter, The Punch reports.

It was reported that the 37-year-old suspect, who worked as a lotto agent, had custody of his daughters and step daughter in Lekki Phase 1 after he sent his wife packing in December, 2014.

Oluwaseyi’s two daughters were aged six and four while a 15-year-old daughter his wife had in a previous marriage was also staying with him. The two younger girls were defiled while the teenage girl was reportedly raped several times by Oluwaseyi until she reported the matter to a neighbour, who subsequently informed the girl’s mother who in turn alerted the police.

The three girls were taken to a hospital where it was confirmed that they had been defiled repeatedly by Oluwaseyi. His wife said that he denied her access to the children until the police were informed.

“We were staying together in the Lekki Phase 1 area. My 15-year-old daughter, whom I had for another man, and the two daughters I have for Oluwaseyi were living with us until December.

“We had a quarrel and Oluwaseyi threatened to kill me. He sent me out.

“Family members, including his father, appealed to him to reconcile with me, but he refused. He also refused to allow me to see my daughters.

“When I heard about the rape, I confronted him on the matter. He boasted that nothing would happen to him. He broke bottles, and said he would kill me. Later on when I sat my first daughter down, she confessed to me that she was truly raped, and that it had occurred on several occasions.

“That was why I took the matter to the government, so that they would help me to check Oluwaseyi’s excesses.”

A source said the girls were taken by the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team to Mirabel centre where it was confirmed that they had been defiled by their father.

He said: “The woman initially left with the teenager and the two girls she has for Oluwaseyi in December, 2014. The suspect, however, trailed her and forcefully took the girls, threatening to take her life if she refused.

“The suspect was arrested on Wednesday, August 19, in the family’s Lekki apartment, while his daughters were also taken to the centre for tests. It was confirmed that they had been defiled. The two of them are in Primary 3 and Primary 1 respectively.”



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