Alimosho in Brief

Alimosho is a Local Government Area in the Ikeja Division, Lagos State, Nigeria It is the largest local government in Lagos with 1,288,714 inhabitants according to the official 2006 Census (however, the Lagos State Government disputes the official Census figures and claims a population within the LGA of more than 2 million residents). It has now been subdivided between several Local Community Development Areas (LCDA).

Alimosho Local Government Alimosho was established in 1945 and it was under the then western region..Majority who dominate Alimosho were the Egbados.The area is very rich in culture, prominent amongst which are Oro, Igunnu and Egungun Festivals annually celebrated. Aside the cultural heritages, majority of the inhabitants of the council area are Islamic and Christian faithful. However, Yoruba language is widely spoken in the community. The source of Alimosho is Alashua river which is located on the axis of Oki and alaguntan in Alimosho.The most recognise Baale is late Chief Kokumo follow by Lateef Sekoni while the present Baale is Afuwape.The Royal Family include:Folarin,Kokumo,Ogunbowale and Afuwape.The Central Mosque in Alimosho is the 3rd Mosque in Lagos after the Badagry central mosque and the Lagos central mosque.The First court is now known as Alimosho Town Hall which is not recognize anymore by the Incubent Government and the Baale of Alimosho which is not also recognize by the government due to Political reason.

Alimosho History


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