Happy World Mosquito Day: 5 memories we all have with our beloved mosquitoes!

There are many beings that form a major part of our day. Life without them would be unimaginable. They contribute to our lives in small or huge ways, while sometimes we can see their contributions, there are other times when they go completely unnoticed. Then there are those times when the contribution of these beings becomes extremely costly. However no matter who you are, no matter where you go, these beings will always be there with you, they are our beloved Mosquitos.

And this is how we respond to their unconditional love showered on us.
And this is how we respond to their unconditional love showered on us.

Today as we celebrate World Mosquito Day, lets have a look at all the contributions made by this self sacrificing insect, which is always present, be it in a stinky public toilet or under the desks in school, college or work, they meet us every single day. Here are five memories that everyone has had with our very own mosquito!

1. The Good Morning kisses

Remember those times when you have the perfect sleep cycle and get 7-8 hours of sleep. Then as you wake up expecting to feel all fresh and happy there it is, our dear friend waking us up with a tiny pinch. They make sure to give you a questionable swelling that you need to cater all the long!

2. The weird positions

While we are easily disturbed by the bite of a mosquito alone, it makes sure to give us challenges, by biting in exactly wrong places. From the spaces between our fingers and toes to the exact spot on our back that cannot be reached, they give us one of the biggest challenges every other day!

3. Buzzzzzzz: The Musical

Remember those perfect moments of calm when the traffic is non existent and we begun to enjoy the moments of peace. These are the moments when our six legged friends make it their mission to present the most dramatic musical with their buzzing sound. Say thank you to that mosquito which took your perfect calm away!

4. The late night meets

When you have had a tired day and would give anything to just bunk into your bed and sleep, these are the moments that they can sense and give you the loving bite that instantly swallows your sleep!

5. The Anopheles

They are the special friends who make sure that we get a much deserved break. While their timing, much like the entire breed is impeccable, there is no question that we have experienced this moment at least once! They give us the perfect chills and make sure we get all hot again, all with one single bite!

Source: http://www.india.com/


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